Why Having Smart Lock is the Key to a Successful Airbnb

When opening your home to others, there are many hassles and anxieties to be found around every corner. From worrying about whether the amenities you’ve provided will be sufficient for every stay to the simple act of cleaning before and after a guest, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of, that not even considering the hands-off approach most hosts are taking these days to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Because of this, one of the ways you can avoid any potential contact while keeping your property secure is to begin utilizing electronic door locks.

First and foremost, when the only thing a host needs to do to admit entry to their home is email over a string of numbers, it forgoes the risk in either physically handing a key to a tenant or leaving property unlocked. Because of this, check-in times have a great deal more flexibility for the guest in question without having to worry about bothering you at a late hour. This all not to mention, if a host doesn’t need to be physically present to hand a key over to a guest, then there’s also no reason they need to be present to let anyone in, whether that be your cleaners, a repairman, a fumigator, anyone who would need to gain access need only punch in the right key!

What’s more is that in terms of security, a traditional lock and key cannot be changed with every new guest. Well, I suppose that in theory you certainly could choose to take up the expense but I cannot imagine anyone would recommend taking on the cost of producing and then scrapping potentially hundreds of new keys and locks over the course of a year. Instead, simply generate a random number and shift the code at the culmination of a stay.

However, it would also be a hassle to forge and forget new codes all the time. Notably, the cheapest electronic lock one can find on Amazon (priced at just shy of $60 before shipping) is one that comes with a traditional keyhole anyway. With this in mind, it is then also notable that the barrier for entry when it comes to upgrading your locks is shockingly cheap, a quick search showing that the more expensive models still come in at less than two grand, an investment to be sure but a sense of security that should be considered priceless.


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