Property Management

Operation Clean's Short Term Property Management services are a turn-key and stress-free solution for all your property needs.

Property Management Services Include:

Listing Management

  • Setup listing for short-term rental on AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.
  • Hire professional photographer
  • Respond to guest inquiries and take bookings
  • Update listing details throughout the year to reflect Holidays and slower times
  • Take photos after turnovers and market the listing through Operation Clean’s and your property’s social media
  • Keep owner up to date on all guest inquiries and calendars

Property Maintenance

  • Increase the ‘livability’ of your property 
  • Manage repairs & maintenance 
  • Maintain general operations
  • Test & maintain appliances 
  • Damage surveillance 
  • Consistent restocking 
  • Receive feedback & apply improvements 

How We Help

To reach your maximum earning potential, your property needs to attract, communicate, anticipate and offer guests an environment that exceeds their expectations and has them planning their next visit before their first one is complete!

With Operation Clean Property Management Services, you can rest assured that your property is not only being presented and maintained at the highest levels but also continually improving after each guest visit.

We start at each property with a comprehensive evaluation to determine how the ‘livability’ of the property can be improved. This includes adding drawer linings, drawer dividers, cord wraps (such as velcro straps), and hiding surge protectors- all the little things that help make a property feel clean, organized, and easy to use, and arranging room layouts to provide the best space usage.

We manage lawn care contracts and handle larger repairs as needed to ensure proper continued operation of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. We purchase items for the home for small repairs or replacements such as light bulbs, furniture, décor, etc. We also test and maintain large appliances such as replacing air filters monthly (or as needed), checking dryer lint filters, and running appliances to ensure proper operation.

After every stay, we check and document all damage that occurs either after guest vacancy or general wear and tear, and we replenish consumable items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, utensils, toilet paper, paper towels, linen, and bath towels for the best guest experience for every stay.

We constantly look for ways to improve the home/create more efficient ways for guests to enjoy their experience whether it pertains to property layout, guest ease, shower dispensers vs. three or four bottles, lamps with built-in outlets, makeup remover towels, outlets with built-in night lights, coffee maker duo with Keurig, setup wireless chargers for guest bedrooms.

Once the property is ready for guests, Operation Clean acts as your property’s ‘Co-Host,’ and delivers a streamlined guest experience from the beginning. 

To fill your property’s booking calendar, Operation Clean focuses on 1) delivering a listing that presents the property in an effective and attractive manner, 2) Keeping the listing updated to achieve ‘featured property’ status on many listing sites, and 3) establishing strong and responsive communications to build trust with the guest, and providing guest testimonials to reinforce their selection.

Once booked, Operation Clean manages all aspects of the guest experience and turns the property after each visit. We revisit the initial evaluation as guests experience the property, adjusting where needed, addressing guest feedback and suggestions, and ensuring that the property continues to deliver a high level of guest services.


Easy, Straightforward Pricing

We understand that you ned to manage your cashflow and budgets effectively and with no surprises. That’s why we offer easy, clear, and concise pricing for all our pertain Clean services

25% net Property Revenue

After Taxes & Fees (Example Below) 

  • Guests paid: $5,840.08 for their stay
  • Host Payout: $4,354.45 (net income after taxes & fees)
  • Operation Clean earns $1,089, or 25%

Turn Your 3-star Reviews into 5-stars to Maximize Property Earning Potential!