How to Clean a Clean Aesthetic in Your Airbnb: Bedding Edition

White is a color that you may find people either run from or embrace wholeheartedly, a category colors like black also fall into. While black is objectively a wonderful shade to show the world how cool and edgy you are when you get dressed every day, white is the preference in home decor for a few very good reasons.

First and foremost, its simplicity makes it exceptionally popular, especially when it comes to dressing your beds. If you walked into a Target it is a guarantee that there will be at least one set of white sheets to go with every brand they carry, with the pillowcases and comforters to match. A white bed will match any kind of decoration in the same way black does but with none of the forbidding nature of so dark a shade. You could toss a copy of Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the walls and would have no worry about clashing with the main centerpiece of a bedroom. Throw pillows of all colors and textures may look out of place on a patterned sheet, but will always look right at home on white. Even the colors of the walls will end up complimentary because there is no wrong way to create an aesthetically pleasing environment if your starting point is already a blank canvas.

Especially for a host, the practicality of white bedding should be obvious. In an effort to keep guests safe, all linens should be well washed anyway, and the easiest way to ensure everything is in tip top shape is to make good use of bleach, a solution that could prove undesirable in any other color or pattern. However, while the importance of simply having clean linens is high in and of itself, the value of duplicate sets cannot be understated. We’ve already mentioned that every brand carries options in white, so if one brand happens to be on sale while you have a different set at home, you should be free from worrying about matching one to the other. You can easily store comforter covers, top sheets, and pillowcases separately and be able to pull from each stash to redress the bed without ever having to worry about getting things to line up!


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