How We're Different

Operation Clean is NOT your typical residential cleaning service. We MAXIMIZE your short-term property revenue through tailored short-term rental cleaning maintenance & management services that deliver the ultimate guest experience.

short-term rental cleaning
short-term rental cleaning
short-term rental cleaning

Are your short-term rental cleaning services maximizing property revenue?

Tailored Organization

Organize each home, such as kitchen drawers and cabinets, bathrooms, bedroom furniture, electronic cords, and entertainment systems such as televisions, game systems, and speakers.

Item Inspection

Conduct a room-by-room inspection and remove any labels, stickers, tags, or other goods & services marks/markings left by either the manufacturer or third-party affiliate. Essentially allowing each item to be in its purest and most sanitary form.

Continued Home Improvement

Look for ways to improve the home not only in cleanliness, but efficiency and aesthetics. For example: rearranging items in the home to create more space; mounting paper towel holders; installing grip liner in drawers; installing shower dispenser for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

On- & Off-Site Laundry

Provide laundry service on and off-site. We do our best to wash and dry the linen simultaneously as we are cleaning. If time remains prior to the conclusion of the turnover, we prep and store the linen for the next turnover. If the time elapses, we will take the linen with us and return with a clean set for the next turnover.

Trash Services

Remove junk from the homes, items for donation, recyclables, and trash so that no trash and recycling service is needed.

Cord Management

Organize the cords throughout the home, such as lamps, charging stations, blow dryer, toaster, blender, etc.

Bins Washed

Wash the trash bins and canisters whether inside or outside of the home.


Add Clorox bleach disks to the back of each toilet and add them every couple of months as needed.

Additions & Upgrades

Purchase and or upgrade items in the home such as LED matching lightbulbs, linen sets, matching dish and hand soap dispenser, make-up towel removers, bath bombs, flags, outlet nightlights, etc.


How Does Your Current Service Stack Up?

As the owner of a short-term rental property, the state of your property directly impacts its earning potential. At Operation Clean, we focus on the following proven efforts to maximize your property revenue:

  1. It all starts with an in-depth consultation regarding your property goals, budget, and requirements. Need laundry services? Exterior maintenance and repairs? Operation Clean can help. 
  2. We clean AND organize, increasing the comfort – and income potential – of your property.
  3. We actively look for and remove unwanted/unneeded items from the home (junk removal, donations, recyclables).
  4. We plan for the continued cleanliness of your property-  bleach disks in toilets, scheduled air filter replacement, etc.
  5. It’s not just about the inside- trash/recycling bins are cleaned when needed; the garage is maintained, etc.
  6. We don’t leave out the little things- cords are organized and managed, surge protectors are mounted where convenient, etc.
  7. Pets on premise? We ensure their comfort with fresh water bowls, etc. 
  8. We are experts in the short-term rental market. We put this knowledge to work for you to continually discover and advise on how to improve property efficiency, cleanliness, and aesthetics for increased revenue. 
  9. Guests at Operation Clean properties notice the difference! We feature our managed properties and help drive bookings.
  10. Reduce allergens on your property! We evaluate allergen risk and use eco-friendly, pet-friendly products.
  11. Our relationships are built on trust- we provide copies of our business license, certificate of insurance, security clearances, and other documentation to demonstrate our commitment to you.

Turn Your 3-star Reviews into 5-stars to Maximize Property Earning Potential!